Well, now it turns out that I don't need to go on the meetings after all. I could have told you that before I bought new work clothes, arranged for a sitter and spent all weekend having tense conversations with my husband about "just how much I plan to work." Not to mention that even though I know it's not reasonable, my feelings are a little hurt because Landers just called Sunday night and told me that I am "not needed."

Now, what that actually means is that I am needed, but that I did such a good job preparing us ahead of time for these meetings that now I am not needed because all the necessary information is assembled for early review and can be easily thumbed through to determine just exactly what kinds of needs the client has and what questions should be asked. I also included a call history and a summary of correspondence. I did a really good job.

In fact, I did such a good job that now I can stay home, answer the phones, take care of Jake and send out invoices rather than go recruit new clients. Of course, I know that I was not hired to recruit new clients, but it still sounded exciting and rewarding. I think that what has happened is that I have begun to overemphasize my own importance. I read an article on this website about that, actually. It said that VA's tend to feel like the office cannot function without them since they do tend to be the "glue" that holds daily operations together. However, a good VA does this while making the employer appear to be the one who is well organized and in control. I guess the fact that I am able to remain right where I'm supposed to be and can still get Landers everywhere he needs to go with the information he needs to have is actually an indication that I am doing things right.

I have to admit I'm still a little disappointed, though.

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