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Without wishing to speak too soon, I’ve been in a temporary contract at a large accounting firm for just over a month and it appears to be going very well! I received a call the day before my birthday and I was told that my CV had been spotted online. The company in question were looking for an interim PA and was I interested? Given that my previous job had just ended, well, does the Pope have a balcony?! The only snag was that I had to rock up early the next day for an interview – on my birthday. Still, I was lucky enough to get the job and so far it’s been great. I work with some fantastic people and the company is wonderful to work for. Provided all goes well, I’m hoping to get a longer term contract within the next couple of months.

While some people may put this down to luck, I put it down to sheer effort. Despite talk of a recovering economy, things are still very difficult out there in Job Land and it’s essential that you put the hours in if you’re looking for employment. Long gone are the days where you’d get employed purely by virtue of being available. These days, we all have to jump through increasingly insurmountable hoops just to get to interview stage and opportunities absolutely cannot be squandered – even if it means giving up part of your birthday for interview.

I guess the moral of this blog is to remind you not to sit on your laurels. If you have a permanent job in this economic climate then you are extremely lucky. If you’re temping, contracting or looking then I empathise. Bullying boss? Unacceptable working terms? Again, I empathise, as I’ve been there – all within the past six months. I do have faith, however, that things will get better for all of us. All we need to do in the meantime is keep making that effort….

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