It’s always nice to be recognised for one’s efforts and I was lucky enough to be nominated for PA of the Year in the “Interim” category, thanks to a very wonderful ex-boss that I worked with earlier this year. After the initial nomination and acknowledgement, I was invited for interview at a London location and then found out via e-mail just a week later that I’d made it through to the overall finals, along with three other nominees in the same category.

On 7 November, I rolled up to the Ivy in my finery for an absolutely wonderful evening. I had to chance to meet some fantastic fellow PAs, not to mention sample some of the loveliest wine and well-cooked food around. There were around 60 of us in all, of which 13 were PAs up for awards in various categories. In addition to my fellow nominees in the “Interim” category, there were also potential award winners in the “Legal”, “Social Networking” and straightforward “PA of the Year” categories.

Although I didn’t win overall, I’m completely blown away to have made it to the grand finals after finding out that these awards attracted in excess of 130 applications. I’ve got a lovely certificate out of it, along with a renewed and increased confidence and self worth. A great big dollop of appreciation and thanks goes to my ex-boss at the OIA, Rob Behrens, who is an absolute gentleman and a joy to work with, along with the wonderful bods that put these awards on; namely

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