Category: Employment

Weeks on the intensive job hunt so far: six

Agencies registered with: at least 10

Job applications submitted: MILLIONS…!

Interviews gained: five (three of which are next week)

Return on applications: approximately 15%

Job offers: none

The numbers aren’t looking good at the moment, it has to be said. My deadline is fast approaching and I’m starting to look worriedly around my flat wondering what I can keep, what can go into storage and what should be thrown away.

I’m starting to get a return on my efforts, though, albeit minimal. I’ve registered with some more agencies, all of which I’m pleased to say have been wonderful, and I’ve had some great interview experience with some true professionals at a small number of companies around the area. My position as it stands is that I had an interview last week for an interim job a few miles away and a third interview at a local firm just this morning (I really liked that place today, so I’m hoping I get an offer). Next week, I have a telephone interview on Monday, another interview on Wednesday then another on Thursday. 

The numbers are stacking up. Will the returns….?

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