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Welcome to my new blog. I’ve been searching for a job for about a month or so, and in collaboration with those lovely people at deskdemon, I’ve decided to start writing a blog about my seemingly never-ending search for gainful employment.

Just to fill you in (after all, I could be anyone!) I’m an administration professional with about 15 years’ experience as a senior level PA (including CEO and Board). I’ve also managed to get a few years’ worth of very enjoyable PR and copywriting experience under my belt in my spare time, thanks to working for a high profile UK-based progressive rock group on a voluntary basis.

I guess my ideal job would be to use my administration skills to get a foot in the back door of a copywriting or PR-type position, possibly within the media or music industry. However, back in the real world, I’m more than happy to capitalise on my administration experience and utilise my PA skills. Size of company is immaterial as I’ve worked for all sorts of organisations in the past My skills are inherently transferable, and as for location I’d rather something closer to home (which is Reading), but I’ll travel for the right position. I’m flexible, proactive, well organised, a good team player, reliable, unflappable and approachable with a healthy dollop of good humour. Coupled with a lot of senior experience, bagging a job shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

Wrong. Despite a great relationship with a number of agencies and my job hunt taking up a lot of my time, my virtual pile of rejection e-mails grows exponentially. I have a great CV that reflects a varied but steady career progression but the jobs just don’t seem to be out there at the moment.

At present I’m temping at a wonderful company in Reading town centre, but the contract will be coming to an end fairly shortly, so my job hunt has started in earnest. I have no idea as to when I need to find something (the company don’t know themselves as yet) but it should be anything between two and four weeks. That sort of timeframe is somewhat concerning when I have to support myself. After all, my witty repartee and amazing good looks will only get me so far… *

Please wish me luck, dear reader, in finding a new job. I hope you’ll find this blog entertaining, and with any luck it will reflect the trials and tribulations of trying to find gainful employment in a somewhat lean and very employer-orientated market.

* That was a joke, obviously…!

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