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Writing is an art that very few have succeeded in mastering. Good writing isn’t difficult to attain, all that’s required is the technique which you can learn if you have the passion. Words when well-crafted can be transformed into some good cash. A good example is writing content for landing pages. This is a form of writing that a majority of individuals have not been successful at. However, that shouldn’t discourage you, it's just a statistic, and you can be part of the few people who have managed to be successful at it.

To be successful in the things we pursue in life, we need a thorough understanding of what we are doing, for what purpose and the motivation behind it. The same applies to writing content for high converting landing pages. Do you know the purpose of the landing pages that you are creating? How exactly is it going to benefit you or the organization you’re writing for? These are some of the many questions that we must ask ourselves in order to be successful in writing landing page content. This guide contains steps that will assist you in crafting content with a defined purpose for landing pages for higher conversion.

Understanding the Purpose

Do we have a thorough understanding of what landing pages are? Their purpose? Or their worth? Without this in mind, chances are we will not be successful. Landing pages ideally do 3 things:

  • Drive conversions

  • Address needs

  • Give solutions

With the above in mind, your landing pages will, therefore, contain content that will inspire readers to perform specific tasks such as signing up or registering to be part of an event or enjoy a service and so on. In some cases, the reason behind creating landing pages is obvious, and therefore coming up with a great topic or structure for your content will be easy. However, that can’t be said for other activities; you'll be forced to tailor material in a manner that communicates your message across and ultimately create the desired conversion.

Use This Formula - Identify the Problem, Give the Solution and Benefits

There is a 3 step formula that will help you write content better, especially when you feel stuck. You intend to offer readers a solution to a problem they are facing, which means your content will need to be tailored in a manner that expresses precisely that. Consequently, you’ll first begin by pointing out the problem, provide an extensive solution to the problem and finally conclude by citing the benefits that they are likely to enjoy should they take up your offer. Of course, you have competitors. Therefore, ensure that the solution you provide covers every aspect of the problem at hand and the benefits they will enjoy outshines theirs, or you’ll lose out on conversions big time.

Including Customer Testimonials

Happy customers are a great marketing resource for businesses. Give each customer a special treatment, a sense of belonging to your brand, and you'll reap great benefits. One technique that conversion copywriters from sigmaessays have developed a liking to is, writing nothing at all, but instead letting the customer do it for you. A customer will be more receptive to a fellow customer than to you. Testimonials are one of the top resources when writing such content.

You intended to compel your readers to take specific actions, and testimonials are excellent for compelling readers while at the same time creating social proof which is good for your marketing strategy. Testimonies also serve to offer readers an insight into the experience they'll have should they opt to use your product or service. Your website design should incorporate sections for customer testimonials.

Focus On the Benefits, Not the Product

Unless you’ve made a new invention – whatever you are offering is similar to that of your competitors. This doesn’t necessarily imply that you can’t stand out from the rest of your competitors. For this reason, the conversion copy you write will be benefit-focused rather than product-focused. Products are important, yes, but the after experience is what counts. Your reader already has an idea of the solution that they are looking for, what they don't know are the benefits that they can enjoy.

Appealing to customers is easy once you understand their needs and preferences, it will guide you to providing the benefits. Pitch benefits and you’ll get the desired conversion rates.

Keep It Simple and Straightforward

Keep it simple, not boring! Content for high converting landing pages is precise with no complexities. This means avoid complex words or designs that may push readers away. This particular type of writing doesn’t require writing prowess such as those of Stephen King or the likes. Plus, you don’t need long hours of writing. Take a short time writing content that will be brief and spells out what actions the reader can take.

Simplicity also implies that your copy can be viewed on a smartphone. Business needs to create phone friendly content. With creativity and avoiding the use of marketing cliché words, then your content will bring about the desired effect.

Focus on Areas Your Customer Pays Attention to

The reading culture is a habit that exists in a handful of individuals. Most people are skimmers, sad but true. They always say if you can’t beat them join them. Well, you can't sulk because your customers don't have the time to read through the content. Instead, tap into your creativity and present your content in a manner that despite their skimming will still get your message. Therefore, you’ll focus on the following:

  • The headline - It should be "killer," make it interesting enough to inspire readers to go through your content. Give it a more prominent font, make it bold and straightforward.

  • Pictures - Include visually captivating images that highlight the benefits of your product or service.

  • Sub-headings - create compelling sub-headlines that will clearly show your product’s benefits

  • Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Call To Action

A call to action is the final chance that you as a marketer have to pitch your idea to customers. The best blogs have succeeded in generating traffic through such calls. To write a persuasive CTA, it’s advisable to ask yourself what actions you expect your readers to make. The answer will be your CTA; it's what will guarantee you conversions.


Writing content for converting landing pages may appear to be a challenging task, but very doable for anyone willing to learn the technique. This guide will help you craft the best content that focusses on highlighting the benefits, draw readers and inspire them to take action.

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Currently, most people are on Instagram and they are making money through it. Are you also on Instagram and want to make that extra coin from it? Below are some tips on how to create successful posts that will earn you some income:

1. Come Up With Sponsored Posts

If you have ardent followers, you can earn extra income through producing original sponsored content for various brands. In short, sponsored content on Instagram consists of photos or videos that showcase a brand or a product. These posts often contain captions that include branded hashtags or links. Most brands don’t usually need a formal brand ambassadorship for those who produce sponsored content. However, they sometimes contact certain famous ‘Instagramers’ for content.

In spite of this, it’s critical for you to promote brands that reflect your Instagram image. The main initiative behind this is to show off brands that you can personally back and to demonstrate to your followers how that brand is perfect for your lifestyle.

There are various tools that you can use to achieve it. One such tool is Tap Influence. Instagram creators can use this tool to search for opportunities for sponsored content. First of all, you create a profile that best describes you. Afterward, brands that are impressed by your profile and want to partner with you will invite you to their programs.

2. Know When to Post

For you to be successful, you need to be aware of the right time to post your content. Two things will assist you: Knowing your followers' time zones and when they frequently log in to Instagram.

Most users can be found online in the morning, evening, on their way home from work or school. For you to reach a wider audience, post at most times during the day (assuming that your followers have the time to log into their accounts).

Let’s say you’re targeting high school students, you can post your content when they are on lunch break. If many of your followers reside in cities like New York and Los Angeles, you can post during rush hour when you know people are stuck in traffic and don’t have anything to do other than check their phones.

3. Make Use of Apps

You can utilize photo-editing apps to improve your photos before posting them. There exist a lot of these apps online and they are very easy to use. The following are some of them accompanied by a few details about them:

- Instaframe - this app allows you to create magnificent photo collages. Most people prefer to use this app for other photo collage creating apps.

- Picfx - this is your go-to app if you want to enhance your photos with filters. It contains over 100 effects, frames, and textures to select from, and will automatically format your photos to a square for trouble-free uploading.

- Camera+ - this app is one of the most widely used photo-editing apps out there. You can utilize this app to adjust your photos' contrast, brightness, and lighting.

4. Use Popular and Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags will assist you to organize your image and video content. On the part of the users, it’s easier for them to find what the need using hashtags. This is a straightforward way of tagging content so that readers can locate it easily.

The following are some of the best hints on using hashtags:

- Steer clear of overused tags;

- Do not overdo it - for instance, 6 targeted hashtags are better than 30 casual ones.

- Ensure that you don't spam - they should relate to the image.

Stick to the basics at first. With continued use, you can then make use of these 2 options when selecting hashtags for your posts:

- General hashtags;

- Branded hashtags.

5. Vary The Style and Subject

Casual sharing of your products’ photos won’t guarantee that people will buy them. Your followers might eventually get bored, and you won’t probably be able to attract new ones. Make sure you vary the types of content you share, to keep your followers glued to your account. Below are some types of content that work well:

- Behind the scenes photos;

- Contests and giveaways;

- DIY tasks and innovative solutions to problems;

- Motivational images;

- User-generated content (UGC).

Quote images are also popular and don't require an original photo. All you need to do is to place an appealing quote on a nice background.

6. Partner With Influencers

An influencer is one whose word or backing convinces people to buy into your content. Their backing is exactly what you require, whether you’re building your presence on Instagram or trying to sell a product, an influencer’s post can easily amass thousands of comments and likes.

Influencers should have an appropriate audience, they should be popular and vocal people and also have in the past influenced their audiences’ decisions. Remember that just having a huge following is not enough for you to have successful posts and make money out of them.

So how do you convince influencers to partner with you?

Firstly, you may need to pay them. Most of these famous people, if not all, make money through sharing content. From models to actors to musicians, influencers continue to rake in a lot of money courtesy of sharing content via their Instagram accounts. Even though it might cost you a lot, their backing might just be the breakthrough you require.

You can also partner with them or writers from by allowing them to keep some of your stuff. For example, if you make beautiful watches, they might put them on and share the photos on Instagram, provided you let them keep one or two.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product, and you get paid per item sold. This practice is common with bloggers who use sidebar banners to promote content. The same can be done with Instagram. Post your eye-catching photos that showcase their products and make sales through your affiliate URL (provided by your affiliate).

Companies that you can work with include Ebates (refer people that like deals and discounts, and you’ll receive commissions) and Stylinity, which is suitable for fashion bloggers. With Instagram, you can put your affiliate URL in your bio or even your captions. Moreover, you can link your blog to your Instagram account so that when people buy via your link, you get a sale.

Affiliate marketing is especially popular with the fashion business on Instagram. For those that love to travel all over, you can make excellent use of affiliate marketing through Instagram. How? Do reviews for hotels then direct your followers to book pages through your affiliate links whenever they want to travel? You can make good commissions this way!

8. Tell Stories

All ardent Instagram users know about the Stories feature. This feature allows users to view several posts in a row from the same user. For those into marketing, this will enable you to communicate your message via several images. Stories are not the same as everyday Instagram posts, in that, the images move from one to the other in a slideshow. Furthermore, each photo is erased after 24 hours, and they don't contain captions because they are full-screen. This gives you a chance to provide fresh content to your followers each day!

The tips mentioned above will guide you in coming up with writing on Instagram that will eventually earn you money. If you haven't used any, it's high time you consider them so as to become more successful.

Are there any other tips that you can think of that we haven’t included? Share with us today!