Take Advantage of our Microsoft Word Legal Training Course  Summer Specials From June-September
Don't let a good opportunity pass.
AdvanceTo Training:
In person (75 Maiden Lane NYC) or on-line
By AdvanceTo Training: 
In person, on-line or phone
Most students need three to four classes to get to the level where they can test for law firm positions as secretaries or WP operators.  For the period of June-September 2013, we are offering the following:
This is a great package and can be done in person or on-line.  This can be the boost you need  to make a career change as well as to substantially upgrade your skills and confidence.  
We work in the field and your training will reflect what you will
encounter when you are on the job.
The knowledge and new skill level that you gain will greatly exceed your expectations.
Stay competitive!  Styles, Outlining, TOC, TOA, Index of Terms, Cross Reference, Financial Tables, Litigation and Corporate documents and much more.  Homework included and always free.
This is what we are offering:
MS Word 2007-10
$170 for first class (Normally $185.00.)
  $670 for a 4 course pkg with 2 books and materials (homework included as always)
You can take 1 class for  $170.00 then buy the 4 pkg deducting the $170  2 payments.
Teachers are active in the top-tier law firms in NYC.
Placement Assistance
Resume Assistance
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